AccuAir AA-ALUMTANK-5RAW 5-Gallon Aluminum Tank
AccuAir AA-ALUMTANK-5B 5-Gallon Aluminum TankAccuAir AA-ALUMTANK-5W 5-Gallon Aluminum TankAccuair tank aansluitpoorten

AccuAir 5-gallon air tank

AccuAir aluminum raw finish 5 gallon air tank, available in different colors

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Aluminum tanks are lightweight and corrosion resistant. These units are extruded and 100% TIG welded for maximum quality. The 5-gallon option gives adequate air storage for typical vehicles with 4-corner air suspension.

2x 3/8″ and 2x 1/4″ ports on ends
2x 1/4″ and 1x 1/8″ ports on side
1x 1/4″ NPT drain port at the center of the tank

Two built in mounting bosses along the bottom of the tank are used for mounting to a surface when you aren’t using our EXO Mount System (as TANK018/TANK019)

length=29.10″ (739mm)
diameter=6.78″ (172mm)

For use on an air suspension system or air horn kit.
Choose your color by using the upper right menu (different prices)

Shipping will take about 3-4 weeks (when not in stock)

Weight 4 kg

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