AccuAir AA-AMP1-RSW-5RAW-14-38 e-Level Rocker Switch Air Management
AccuAir AA-ALUMTANK-5RAW 5-Gallon Aluminum TankAccuAir AA-ALUMTANK-5B 5-Gallon Aluminum TankAccuAir e-Level Upgrade with Rocker Switch

AccuAir e-Level air management package with Rocker Switch

AccuAir e-Level air management package with Rocker Switch

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The e-Level Rocker Switch air management package combines all of the highest quality components available to control your air springs.

*Rocker Switch Interface: three saved heights pressing up or down to raise or lower between saved heights
*e-Level Controller with RideMonitor Mode
*VU4 4-corner valve manifold
*4x truposition height sensors
*Viair 400C chrome compressor (as COMP018)
*5 gallon aluminum air tank (as TANK017)
*plug-n-play harness
*pressure switch 0-200PSI (as AIR623)
*aluminum air filter (as AIR440)
*3/8″ D.O.T. approved plumbing kit
*all mounting hardware
*detailed installation & operation manuals
*1-year warranty

Choose your prefered color of the air tank by using the upper right menu (different prices)

Shipping will take about 3-4 weeks (when not in stock)

Weight 9.9 kg

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