Air-Zenith OB2 dual compressor kit AZOB2K2A
Air-Zenith Aluminum 5gallon

Air-Zenith dual air compressor kit with air tank

Air-Zenith dual air compressor kit with air tank


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This money saving dual OB2 basic kit is engineered for air horns, air locking differentials, off-road tires 37”-up, and air suspension vehicles.
This is the fastest 200PSI on-board air compressor kit, from 165-to-200 PSI in only 35 seconds!

Kit contents:
*2x Air-Zenith 200PSI OB2 air compressor
*1x Air-Zenith 220PSI digital pressure gauge with sensor
*1x 5-gallon aluminum air tank
*1x 200PSI pressure switch (with 1/4-NPT thread fitting)
*2x 1/2″ DOT approved stainless steel braided air hose
*2x 1/2″ NPT air tank fitting
*2x 80A heavy duty power relay
*2x pre-wired relay socket
*2-years manufacturer warranty

World’s fastest 12Volt air compressor!

Shipping will take about 3-4 weeks (when not in stock)

Weight 9.9 kg