Monroe Max-Air 750 air shock absorber

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Monroe Max HiJackers air shocks, for Volkswagen Beetle (front), Fridolin, Dodge, Plymouth (rear)


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The Max-Air shock absorber is ideal for vehicles that haul heavy loads or tow trailers. Designed to maintain level vehicle height, they can be inflated or deflated as needed, from 20 psi to 150 psi with the vehicle loaded. A pair of Max-Air shock absorbers can maintain ride height when up to 1,200 lbs of additional weight is loaded.

extended length 18.875″ (47,9cm)
compressed length 11.625″ (29,5cm)
stroke 7.25″ (18,4cm)
diameter 2.76″ (7cm)
incl. 1/8″ air line, fittings and hardware
max. 150PSI or 250KG (each)

Will fit a.o.t. Volkswagen Beetle (front), Fridolin, Dodge, Plymouth (rear)

Weight 5 kg

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