AccuAir VX2 2-corner solenoid valve unit


AccuAir VX2 2-corner solenoid valve unit

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The VX2 (2-Corner Valve) evolves from the well proven architecture found in the AccuAir VU2 to an entirely new level. Benefits include: Sleeker appearance, hidden wiring harness, smaller overall package, built-in flow-control adjustments, and fully-filtered and field serviceable 3/8″ DOT push-to-connect fittings. The robust internal solenoid valve architecture maximizes flow rates, provides bubble-tight sealing, and guarantees operation up to 200 psi for millions of cycles. All of this technology is housed in a unique enclosure design which routes each of the solenoid wires through a single weatherproof M-12 style connector. With the VX2 size of 2.175”x2.175”x3.587 and the ability to survive harsh under vehicle environments, this product is ideal for any application.

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