Air Lift Performance Autopilot V2 controller mount


Air Lift Performance Autopilot V2 controller mount

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This is a mount specifically designed to mount your Autopilot V2 controller into your vehicle. The kit itself features a 50mm overhang each way that can be cut down to fit into a specific location such as an ashtray, or it can be cut down, bonded into a particular trim, bodyworked then painted or trimmed. The mount features two holes that line up with the recessed channels for the cable on the rear of your controller to be fed through. It has a hole in the centre so if you ever need to remove your controller from the mount you can push it out with ease from the back. The mount itself has enough clearance for it to be trimmed with material on the inside. If the mount is trimmed then the controller will simply pressure fit in and stay firmly in place.

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