Chevrolet C10 1963-1972 RideTech CoilOver System


Chevrolet C10 1963-1972 RideTech CoilOver System


This CoilOver System is specifically designed for the 1971-1972 Chevrolet & GMC C10 Truck and includes everything needed to provide a lowered stand and excellent ride quality and handling. The benefit of buying a complete suspension system is that it takes all of the guesswork out when purchasing a new suspension.

-The 2.5″ Drop Spindles allows a lowered stance while maintaining suspension travel. The modular design allows for variety of brake options incluing Baer, Wilwood or the stock HD brakes (1.25″ wide rotors).
-The Upper & Lower StrongArms feature corrected ball joint angles and increased caster to improve high speed stability and steering feel. They are powdercoated black and fully assembled with ball joints, bushing and cross shafts, ready for installation.
-HQ Series CoilOvers utilize an impact forged aluminum body and Monotube design to deliver excellent ride quality and handling. They allow fine tuning of the ride quality and handling the rebound knob is located at the top of the shock for under hood access. They come standard with a 1,000,0001 Mile Warranty.
-The Rear StrongArm System is completely bolt-on and provides mounting for the rear CoilOvers. The front trailing arm crossmember is designed to allow the exhaust to be run through it rather than under it providing additional ground clearance. The panhard is adjustable so you can optimize your tire clearance at the new lowered height and the mount has been relocated to optimize the bar length and angle for the lowered height. This helps keep the rearend centered in the truck and lowers the roll center to mimize body roll. We use R-Joints on both ends of the bar. The C-notches are included with the kit and FIT the frame rail. The trailing arms optimieses the driveline angles for the lowered stance and utilize R-Joint at the front attachment.
-The Front MucleBar helps reduce body roll and includes the PosiLink endlinks that provide immediate engagement between the chassis and control arms.

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1963-1970, 1971-1972

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