Lexus IS(h) 2014-2016 bolt-on Airlift Performance air suspension


Lexus IS 2014-2016 Airlift Performance air ride


By adding Air Lift Performance to your Lexus, you can get the mega-drop that our kits is famous for, with all of the adjustability needed to take care of those classic lowered car problems. There’s no need to worry about steep driveways, speed bumps, or in-road obstacles! With Air Lift Performance, you can adjust your ride height without even leaving your seat.
The front kit for the Lexus IS features our double-bellow air springs, paired with threaded-body, monotube shocks. Completely customizable to your needs, Air Lift Performance dampers offer up to 30 levels of adjustment, allowing you to perfectly tailor your ride to your ideal setup. Rubber-isolated upper and lower mounts remove any vibration noise for a quiet and comfortable ride. With a huge drop of 113mm (4.4”), your Lexus will look and feel like the epitome of luxury.
In the rear, Air Lift Performance offers more of the same excellence – double-bellow air springs paired with threaded-body dampers, which also offer 30 levels of adjustability. The compact air springs nestle perfectly between the upper and lower mounting brackets, which were specially designed to improve toe link and stabilizer end link clearance. These elements combine to offer 120mm (4.7”) of drop.
Each Air Lift Performance kit comes with a detailed and fully illustrated instruction manual, helping you to get your car slammed in only a matter of hours. If you can install a stereo, swap out suspension parts, and own basic hand tools, you’ll have no problem getting your air suspension installed.
t’s time to take your Lexus IS to a whole new level of low and begin your #lifeonair.

2016 Lexus IS 200T
2014-2015 Lexus IS 250
2014-2016 Lexus IS 300h
2014-2016 Lexus IS 350
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Front kit does not fit AWD vehicles
Vehicles with Adaptive Variable Suspension will lose AVS functionality

Modifications Req. Front: None
Modifications Req. Rear: None

Choose from one of our “Airlift type” Compressor Systems.

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Analog, 3P, 3H

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