LSD Doors universal kit


LSD Doors universal kit

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LSD Doors is the first brand worldwide that offers a completely engineered program for the conversion of door hinges. These kits allow opening the doors upwards, supported by a gas spring. This universal install solution will be installed instead of the original door hinges.

LSD Doors is the market leader in TÜV approved Lambo Door Hinges.
These are the only hinges that do not “wiggle” while opening the doors.

Is there no bolt-on Lambo Door hinges kit available for your type of car?
Then order this complete hinge set from LSD Doors to install Lambo Doors on your car.

2x universal LSD door hinges
2x LSD gas damper at the correct strength
all required assembly parts and detailed instructions

Remarks that you may need to take into account during assembly:
* Disassembly and / or adjustments to the wheel arch trims are necessary
* Extending the cable harness in the door is necessary
* The original side indicator lights must be modified or replaced
* The original spray water reservoir must be adjusted or replaced
* For the model with airbags in the doors, these must be checked after extending the cable harness
* Parts of the original hinges must be removed
* Adjustments to the carbon filter are necessary
* The edges of the doors must be adjusted. This requires welding and spraying work
* The original antenna must be dismantled
* The original central lock of the tank lock must be dismantled

When ordering, state how heavy a car door is, so that we can send you the correct strength of the gas dampers (Art. No .: LSD071).

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