Mercedes-Benz W201+W124 air suspension pack


Mercedes-Benz 190E+E-class-air suspension pack

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The re-designed LCA’s allow the air bag to be mounted on a slight angle to compensate for extreme drop and low ride heights, also the bag can be mounted much lower so is further away from the body and has zero chance of catching or rubbing against existing body work. As well as this the flat lower arm gives a good platform for the bag to roll on meaning nothing will catch or rub the air bag and reduce it’s life span.
We believe this is the best way of getting not only the best drop available on these cars, it also gives the best driving characteristics, function and handling.
We have also compared our new LCA’s, which are 15mm thick high grade steel, with air bag and top hat to the factory OE LCA and coil spring to find only a 1.5KG difference, so un-sprung weight isn’t hugely increased but strength is!
All zinc plated components to prevent corrosion and deterioration.

Kit will include:
x2 Custom Front LCA’s (Lower Control Arms) including Powerflex inner bushes and new ball joints
x2 Custom Front Bag Top Hats
x2 Double Bellow Universal Airbags 3/8″ port
x2 Rear Airbags 1/8″ port, Bolt-On
All required air line fittings
All required bolts and hardware

Control system not included. To complete this Air Suspension system please choose from one of our Compressor Systems.

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Weight 25 kg
Brand Euro Car


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