RideTech RidePro E5 AirPod


RideTech RidePro E5 AirPod


RidePro E5 — NEW Digital Air Suspension Control System
Compact Air Ride Suspension Control System

Adjust vehicle height at the push of a button while maintaining balanced air springs. The RidePro E5 control system tunes air ride suspension for proper handling and world-class ride quality by way of sophisticated pressure and height algorithms. Each time your turn the ignition key, RidePro E5 self adjusts to ride height and compensates for changes in load. Whether you are driving alone to work or on your way to a show with a car or truck load of friends, RidePro E5 will calculate proper air spring rate and balance, then work diligently in the background to maintain proper spring pressures and vehicle height. The Full color TFT LCD. 3.5” display with capacitive touchscreen make interacting with the control system quick and easy. Adjusting vehicle height is as simple as choosing one of three presets. Connect a compatible smartphone via Bluetooth and use the RidePRO E5 app to control the system wirelessly.

Choose pressure only with the RidePRO E5 air ride control system or pressure and height by adding optional RidePRO-HP height sensors for the ultimate electronic air ride leveling control.

*Full color TFT LCD. 3.5” display with multi-touch capacitive touchscreen
*4-button silicone keypad with backlit symbols for quick vehicle height changes
*“Ride Height On Start” automatic lift and level feature
*Display and setup via control panel, smartphone “App” or laptop.
*Weatherproof ECM and heavy duty connectors
*Automatic weight compensation (with optional height sensors)
*RidePRO E5 system is upgradable to RidePRO-HP (pressure and height) for the most accurate leveling system available
*Bluetooth connectivity to most smartphones for wireless control

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1/4", 1/4" XL, 3/8" BigRed

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