Is your showroom opened on evenings?

You can let us know when you want to come over and make an appointment.

Can I exchange parts that I ordered?

Yes you can. Let us know what part you need and send back the parts that you want to exchange.

How much will shipping be?

Shipping costs will be at the bottom of your shopping cart.

Is it possible to pay with card?

Not yet, but you can always make a wire transfer with your mobile phone.

Can I order by email or phone?

Of course! Send us an email or give us a call and let us know what you want to order so we can make you an invoice and send you the goods.

Do you give guarantee on all purchases?

Of course, all items offered in our web shop come with warranty. Typically, a warranty period of 12 months after purchase (see Article 13: Guarantee)

Can you help me mounting my air suspension or Lambo Doors?

Of course! We work with several install stations in Holland and Belgium, so there is always a station in your erea.

Do you have everything in stock?

All components from the web shop are always in stock, only custom air suspension systems must be ordered in America and delivery usually takes no more than two weeks.