At Brabant Custom you can view the entire available range of air ride parts online, but you are also very welcome in our showroom at Industrieweg 3s in Vught.

When you come to our showroom, you can see, feel and measure all products and get expert advice. That way you will never be surprised!

Are you already provided with different air ride parts, but you don’t know exactly what you are missing to get it working and airtight for your type of car? Take everything you have to our showroom and together we’ll see how we can bring your project to a perfect end.

For example, we know exactly what type of thread you need for each part that you want to connect to an air tank, air bellows, valve or compressor.

Brabant Custom has no workplace and does not work on other people’s car.


Monday to Friday 08:00-17:00.
Saturday 10:00-15:00.

After 17:00 we work by appointment only.

To visit our showroom please call in advance to 06-24968307 (to be sure we are there).

Auxiliary air suspension, Load Lifter Support, Air Lift, what exactly is that ?!

If you are driving a delivery van or pick-up truck and you have loaded the car considerably or have a heavy trailer hanging behind it, then you will find that you have less control over the car.

That problem can be solved by adding air bellows on the rear axle or leaf springs.

With this you improve the driving characteristics, you reduce “bouncing” and it is fully adjustable for different loads.

For many cars there are blot-on solutions available, take a look in our web shop at Load Support

But of course you can also make a simple solution yourself with air bellows and an inflation valve. Can be expanded with a compressor, air tank, valves, pressure gauge, etc.

Brabant Custom has everything in stock to make this possible and ordered today is usually shipped the same day!