8″ universal step notch kit


8″ universal step notch kit

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A universal step notch kit that’s really easy to assemble and install. The pieces fit together using alignment tabs to make clamping and welding on your bench a breeze. Typically used in the mini truck market to drop the frame past the rear axle. Sold in pairs.
The notch depth will vary, depending on how tall the frame rails are, and what sweep the original frame rails have.
Weld it off the frame. The majority of the welding is done on your bench, where you can position the piece for the best weld. When you’re done welding the notch, just set it on the frame rail and weld it in place.
Sits on outside top corner of frame rail. If you choose to grind the welds, you’ll have a smooth transition from the notch to your frame rails.

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