AccuAir SwitchSpeed controller


AccuAir SwitchSpeed controller



The SwitchSpeed Controller offers all of the standard functions that you’ve come to expect from a traditional switchbox, but that is where the similarities stop. AccuAir’s proprietary Advanced Burst-Control Technology allows you to choose between three different modes of adjustment; Precise / Moderate / Full Speed. The burst speeds for each of these modes are user-tunable. Although the SwitchSpeed does not offer preset heights like the e-Level Controller; it can easily be upgraded down the road. Handheld or mountable, the SwitchSpeed Controller gives full manual control over each Air Spring individually as well as front and rear Air Spring control in “pairs”. The “All-Down” button fully deflates the vehicle for parking at your currently selected valve speed. It includes built-in compressor control feature that is enabled once the optional tank pressure sensor is plugged in.

Choose option ‘Color’ for black or silver.

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