AccuAir Ultimate air suspension management kit


AccuAir Ultimate air suspension management kit


The all new air management package from Accuair!

Premium Package includes:
*e+ Connect: Bluetooth switchbox standalone or the base of e-Level+ when paired with e+ Height. Includes ECU+, Harnesses, Tank Pressure Sensor and Hardware
*e+ Height (4-Corner): Upgrades e+ Connect to e-Level+ with addition of preset heights. Includes Height Sensors, Harnesses and Hardware
e+ TouchPad: Connects to e+ECU for a hardwired interface
*ENDO Valve-Tank – 4-Corner, 5-gal Bolted Alum Air Tank w/ Raw Finish
*3/8″ DOT/PTC Fitting Kit: (50 ft) 3/8” D.O.T. Nylon Airline; (1) FT-E-38TF14PM; (4) FT-E-38TF-38PM; (1) FT-S-38TF14PM; (1) LOC-565-6ml
*VIAIR 485C Air Compressor (Dual Pack) – Stealth Black
*Compressor Power Kit

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Weight 9,9 kg

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