Air Lift Performance 3P/3H controller mount


Air Lift Performance 3P/3H controller mount

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This is a mount specifically designed to mount your Airlift Performance 3P/3H controller into your vehicle. The mount features an overhang which measures 180mm each way that can be cut down to fit into a specific location such as an ashtray or cubby hole. The mount can also be cut down and fabricated into a particular trim for an OEM look. In the design we have allowed clearance for the mount to be trimmed with material, if the mount is trimmed then the controller will simply pressure fit in and stay firmly in place. The mount also features a hole that aligns with the plugs on the controller so the cable can be fed through. It has an additional hole on the back so if you ever need to remove your controller from the mount you can push it out with ease.

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Weight 0,240 kg
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3P, 3H

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