BMW 1-series LSD Doors Lambo Style Doors system


BMW 1-series LSD Doors Lambo Style Doors system



The system contains a special door hinge, which opens the door first outwards and then safely guided and damped upwards. A gas spring supports the opening, so that there is no huge effort necessary.
The opening of the door takes two steps.
Step 1: Open the door outwards until an angle given by LSD (appr. 30 degree). There is enough room to get in and out.
Step 2: Raising of the door. The door will be raised at that point and supported by the gas spring it can be easily opend to the stop point (appr. 40 degree). At this stop point the door keeps opened even during a slow drive.

Installation: The door hinges will be installed to the original fixing points of the dismantled door hinges. Adjustable hinges avoid, that the door opens too far and that it falls inside or downwards while it is openend.

Scope of delivery:
– Pre-assembled LSD hinges including gas springs
– Fixing material for the hinges
– Wire sets for the custom extension of the cable set incl. fixing material
– Special soldered cable joints incl. isolation
– Self-adhesive, flexible cable isolation tape
– TÜV certificate

Compatible for BMW:
1-series E81 3-door 2006-2012
1-series E87 5-door 2003-2013
1-series E82/E88 convertible+coupe 2006-2013
You will need a LSD Doors Water reservoir (+€129,-/€159,-)

Choose “Model” when ordering (different prices)

Additional information

Weight 16 kg

E81 3-door 2006-2012, E82/E88 2008-2013, E87 5-door 2003-2013

LSD Euro Car


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