Car/truck Air over Leaf spring kit


Car/truck Air over Leaf spring kit

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AIRoverLeaf – 2000lb underframe / 2.5″ leaf bracket kit

This is your simplest, most cost effective and easiest to install Air Ride system. Adapt Air Spring to your existing leaf spring rear suspension to achieve lowered ride height in conjunction with extra load capacity on demand.

The AIRoverLeaf system offers a great ride quality and extra load capacity without re-engineering your vehicle. Lowering is accomplished by removing 1 or 2 leafsprings. The airspring is then inflated to restore load capacity, ride height and spring rate.

The AIRoverLeaf system is completely bolt-on kit that comes with airsprings and requires little or no modification to your vehicle.

*Lowers vehicle ride height
*Provides “Helper Spring” load capacity on demand
*Improves handling
*Improves ride quality
*Pre-engineered brackets maintain ground clearance, driveline angle, tire clearance and load capacity

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Weight 9 kg
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