Chevrolet C1500 1988-1998 RideTech StreetGrip


Chevrolet C1500 1988-1998 RideTech StreetGrip


Lower your 1988-1998 Chevy C1500 pickup while significantly improving handling and ride quality. Your truck will be lowered on par with typical 4/6 drop kit, but with much better performance and ride quality and without sacrificing load capacity.
StreetGRIP is a high-performance 4/6 drop lowering suspension system for 1988-1998 C1500 pickups. Like all StreetGRIP systems, we focus on the areas of the OE suspension that need improvement rather than upgrading everything. In the case of 88-98 C1500’s that means keeping the factory control arms and leaf springs. Getting down to business, we start with heavy-duty C-Notches that are unlike anything else on the market. The C-Notches are significantly longer than other design and feature reinforcements in multiple planes. They provide ample axle clearance while maintaining frame strength, both torsionally and longitudinally — even when carrying a load.
Beyond a sturdy foundation, the next most important part of this new StreetGRIP Performance system is, by far, the custom-valved monotube shock absorbers. RideTech shocks feature superior monotube damping control inside of an impact forged housing. Monotube shocks are more responsive than twin-tube shocks and provide far better body control. Built-in shock rebound adjustment lets you fine-tune the valving to suit your personal preferences. RideTech includes rear shock extender brackets that maintain proper shock angle. It really is remarkable how well these trucks go down the road with the right set of shock absorbers.
To get the front of the truck down, the StreetGRIP system includes custom-matched coil springs in conjunction and forged “Drop” spindles (These spindles will increase the track width by .25in per side).
The springs work in conjunction with the aforementioned monotube shocks to add significant ride and handling improvements. The spindles lower the vehicle while maintaining suspension geometry and alignment. Brand new grade 8 hardware and heavy-duty, powder-coated brackets round out the system. RideTech did not skimp or cut any corners.
Vehicle lowering measurements: (Lowering is comparable to a 4/6 drop)
Front fender lip: 26.25″ with 255/40-18 tires
Rear fender lip: 26.75″ with 275/40-18 tires

When ordering choose “Type” for model and brake size.

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light duty 10bolt, heavy duty 10bolt, heavy duty 14bolt

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