Fuse holder 29mm


Fuse holder 29mm

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In-line Maxi Blade Fuse Holder with 8 AWG Wire Leads

This fuse holder works great for high amperage electronics in boats, ATVs, RVs, and other outdoor equipment. The weather proof cap keeps moisture out and the 8 gauge tinned wire is made for extreme conditions. Blade type fuses have become more popular because they are easier to change, safer to handle, and more weather resistant then glass type fuses. Mini and ATC blade type fuse holders can’t handle more than a 40A fuse, so this maxi blade type fuse holder with 8 AWG wire works perfect for high power amplifiers and other high current electronics under 80 amps.

Note: Before installing the in-line maxi fuse holder, slightly pry open the fuse sockets before installing the fuse for the first time.

*Body size: 2″ H x 0.66″ D x and 3.1″ W at the base
*Wire Size: Two 5.9″ L X 0.25″ Dia. with jacket
*Wire gauge: 8

For 29mm fuses.

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