Heavy duty suicide doors kit

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Heavy duty suicide doors kit


Thes eare the only hinges fully tested, and guaranteed never to flex, sag, or wobble!

Scissor Doors inc is the only manufacturer to produce the highest quality suicide doors for each unique vehicle. We offer suicide door conversions that are designed to work with each specific vehicle, we don’t just offer a universal fit hinge,. This saves you time on the installation and ensures that you get a quality product that will work with your vehicle. Because of this, our systems are also the lowest cost, installed hinges available on the market today!
We use a minimal of 5/8 inch thick aluminum or 1/2 thick steel when fabricating our suicide door hinges. This guarantees a quality built product that will last a lifetime.
The 180 degree hinges allow you to open your doors fully so that they are parallel with the body of the vehicle. But don’t worry, we built in safety stoppers to ensure that the doors won’t rub your paint job!

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Weight 21 kg

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