Jeep Gladiator full air suspension


Jeep Gladiator full air suspension


Find adventure with this advanced and proven custom 2019 – Present Gladiator Air Suspension package. The AccuAir suspension system lowers to stock level for garage entry then automatically adjusts to 4” of lift. While off-roading under 25 mph the Jeep can be adjusted to 5” of lift. The underbody mounted 5 gallon air tank is regulated onboard air for inflating tires and tools. The system automatically adjusts to optimal ride height at speeds above 25 mph. The air suspension system will auto level your vehicle, a must when towing. Overlanding enthusiasts can easily level their Jeep Gladiator for overnight stops. The fully bolt-on system includes new lower control arms, sway bar links, and front track bar for increased strength and FMVSS 126 compliant handling. The system includes JRi shocks and AccuAir e-Level Plus control system, which can be controlled via a hardwired Touchpad+ or by Bluetooth through the ePlus app.

This complete air suspension system for the 2019 – Present Jeep Gladiator allows for total versatility when it comes to on and off-road fun. While air springs and air lift kits are not common on Jeep suspension, this air suspension kit gives you capabilities no other Jeep has. The average Jeep customer is going to install lift kits that allow for the vehicle to ride higher and more comfortable than the factory spring and shock kit. With this AccuAir kit, you will have the option to raise and lower your Jeep Gladiator at the push of a button. This kit is easy to install and has a price that makes it affordable on just about any budget. This full-vehicle air suspension kit will feature everything you need to put your Jeep Gladiator on air suspension.

-Speed-Based Suspension Modes
-Steering & Geometry Correction
-Tank, Compressor, & Valve Block Under Vehicle
-On Board Air for Tire Inflation, Tools, Etc.
-Off-road Ability 1.5” – 5.5”
-Ability to access garages with oversize tires
-Entry/Exit Height of Stock Jeep

What’s Included?
-Air Suspension Conversion Kit
-JRi Custom Tuned Shocks
-Front Lower Control Arms
-Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms
-Adjustable Front Track Bar
-Front and Rear Sway Bar End Links
-Rear Track Bar Relocation Bracket
-Install Kit for ECU, Air Tank, Compressor
-Air Compressor Bracket
-Accuair e+ Connect
-TouchPad+ Upgrade
-Height Sensor Brackets
-VU4 4-Corner Manifold
-3 Gallon Seamless Tank
-Viair 485C Compressor
-Viair Inflation System

NOTE: This Jeep Gladiator air suspension kit fits 3.6L models, will not fit the Mojave trim level.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Brand USA Car


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