Lincoln StrongArms CoolRide lower


Lincoln StrongArms CoolRide lower


Geometry of a suspension starts with the position of the frame mounts and the height of the spindle, not the shape of the control arm. However, there are a few small things in control arm design that can make a big difference in how a vehicle drives and performs.

*We create extra caster potential by adjusting the fore and aft position of the ball joints. At the same time we make sure the wheel is properly positioned in the wheel-well so your new 18″ wheels fit like they should!
*The balljoint camber travel is re-centered to accommodate the new lowered ride height so the ball joint doesn’t bind during extreme suspension movement.
*The perimeter of the StrongArms is contoured to allow maximum wheel clearance and turning radius.
*All shock mounts, airspring mounts, and swaybar mounts are integrated into the design so you don’t have to finish the engineering in order to enjoy your ride!

StrongArms are optimized to allow proper camber adjustment at your new lowered ride height without using a large stack of shims.

All StrongArms include ball joints, and bushings. They are bolt-on: ready to install!

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Weight 5 kg
Mounting Side


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