Magnetic license plate mount kit duo


Magnetic license plate mount kit duo

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Set for 2 license plates

*10x SOFTCOAT magnets
*10x CONTRA magnets
*4x cleaning wipes
*2x sheets abrasive paper

License Plate Magnets to attach the number plate without frame
Clean Look: License plate can be removed in 1 second

*5 strong Softcoat-Magnets per license plate
*Contra-Magnets for the installation on non-magnetic body-parts
*Softcoat rubber coating prevents scratches on the vehicle
*Incl. cleaning wipes to prepare the surfaces
*Weatherproof, salt water and heat resistant up to 110 °C/230 °F
*Strengthened Softcoat rubber coating for long lifespan
*Improved adhesive bonds for even stronger hold
*Incl. sandpaper for pretreatment of the license plate
*Enhanced plastic spacers for easier handling

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