Mercury 1949-1951 bolt-on RideTech air suspension


Mercury 1949-1951 bolt-on RideTech air suspension


Air Suspension System for ’49-’51 Mercury.

*Front CoolRide kit for 49-51 Merc. Includes air springs, brackets, HQ Series shocks, shock mounts & hardware
*1949-51 Mercury Rear AirOverLeaf Smooth Body Shocks HQ Series
*The AIRoverLeaf system offers a great ride quality and extra load capacity without re-engineering your vehicle. Lowering is accomplished by removing 1 or 2 leafsprings. The airspring is then inflated to restore load capacity, ride height and spring rate.

-The AIRoverLeaf system is completely bolt-on kit that comes with airsprings and requires little or no modification to your vehicle.
-Lowers vehicle ride height
-Improves handling
-Greatest application coverage and versatility
-Pre-engineered mounting hardware to maintain ground clearance, driveline angles, tire clearance and load capacities
-Improves ride quality!

Control system not included. To complete this Air Suspension system please choose from one of our Compressor Systems.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Brand USA Car


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