Nathan K3LA train horn

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Nathan K3LA train horn

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Looking for the best three chime train horn? You have come to the right place! The Nathan AirChime K3 brings the raw power and volume of a modern day diesel locomotive with a classic tone that dates all the way back to the 1950s. Crafted from die-cast aluminum and subjected to hours of machining until perfected, the Nathan AirChime K3 is built tough enough to withstand years of wear and tear from rain, snow, and sun. It’s really no wonder why the K-series has been the horn of choice for locomotive companies for decades.
You don’t get any louder or a better tone than with the real thing. Our Nathan Airchime K3 Train Horns come straight off of diesel locomotives, put through a rigorous reconditioning process and stripped down to a raw finish, ensuring that while it’s been tried and tested on the rails it comes to your door as good as new. With a smaller installation profile than the other K-Series horns, the Nathan AirChime K3 is perfect for those that want real train horns but might not have the room for a larger set.

Length: 18.25″ (463.55 mm)
Width: 16.25″ (412.75 mm)
Height: 9.75″ (247.65 mm)
Weight: 32 lb (14.515 Kg)
Port: 1/2″ NPT

*Genuine Railway Use Locomotive Tune Horn!
*Die Cast Durable Aluminum Body
*Stainless Steel Dual-Disk Diaphragm Technology
*Pre Tuned One Piece Bell Construction
*Reversible Bells For Easy Installation
*Manufactured By Nathan Airchime

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Weight 9 kg

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