Yamaha FZ1 bolt-on air suspension


Yamaha FZ1 bolt-on air suspension


Arnott’s new adjustable Ultimate Ride Mono Shock Air Suspension Kit for the Yamaha FZ1 has been custom designed to replace the original shock and provides the rider superior control, ride comfort and height adjustability. The FOX shock’s custom tuning provides you with a safe, responsive and comfortable ride. Arnott’s patents-pending kit offers TruAIR Technology with a rugged air spring bladder and shock damper design, not an air cylinder or air-assisted unit. This gives the rider more control and flexibility over air pressure, ride comfort and height adjustment.

Product Features:
-Black FOX Shock Absorber
-Goodyear Air Spring Sleeves
-ViAIR High Output Compressor w/Application-Specific Bracket
-6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Construction
-Black Handlebar Mounted Inflation Switch
-Even Fully Deflated, Fender Won’t Touch Tire
-Made & Tested in USA

-1 Black Shock Absorber
-ViAIR Compressor w/Application Specific Mounting Bracket
-Black Handlebar Mounted Inflation Switch
-Air Distribution Valve w/Air Speed Control Muffler
-Fused Wiring Harness & Relay Assembly
-All Necessary Mounting Hardware
-Nylon Air Line Tubing
-Cable Ties
-Detailed Installation Manual

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Brand Motorcycle


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