8-Channel key fob remote system


8-Channel key fob remote system

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These Remote 8 Channel Key Fob Systems are a perfect all in one product. They include two 4 button transmitters, one receiver, and one harness. Can be used with shaved doors, air ride suspension, power windows, power door locks, power bed covers, power tailgates, remote engine start, and power trunk release.

-12V-14 V DC input voltage
-Up to 1000 foot transmitting range
-Eight 500MA (-) negative outputs
-On board parking light relay with dual outputs
-Approximate 8 MS pulse duration
-Direct outputs
-Pulsed output and continuous
-Parking lights flash when output is activated
-Simple one button remote programming
-Rugged metal remotes with blue LED light
-Protective cover slides over buttons preventing accidental activation while in pocket
For Multiple Uses:
-Shaved doors
-Air suspension
-Power windows
-Power door locks
-Power bed covers
-Power tailgates
-Remote engine start
-Power trunk release

Kit Includes:
(2) 4-Button transmitters
(1) Receiver
(1) Harness
(1) Antenna

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