Air Lift Performance AutoPilot V2 (no tank, no compressor)


Air Lift Performance AutoPilot V2 digital upgrade kit (no tank, no compressor)



AutoPilot V2 is the most advanced pressure-based air suspension control system on the market. Nobody gives you more features or easier installation.
Display readout shows, individual corner air pressure and tank pressure. You can select your pressures to be displayed in PSI, or for our friends across the pond, we now have an option for BAR! To give you the ultimate in personalization of your system we have loaded the multi-color display with 512 color combinations!
Not only does the V2 give you 8 different presets to tailor to your ride heights needs, but it also “learns” your vehicle to provide incredible accuracy with every push of the button.
Mount your components, hook up 3 wires, plug in the OEM quality harness and you are ready to go. The detailed instruction manual will take you through the calibration and ride height preset process.
Complete kits available with everything you need for a professional installation.

Choose “Diameter Air Hose” for your desired air line diameter.

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Weight 9,9 kg
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