Chevrolet Tri-5 1955-1957 RideTech StreetGrip


Chevrolet Tri-5 1955-1957 RideTech StreetGrip


This StreetGRIP suspension kit updates your 1955-1957 Chevy with modern handling, exceptional ride quality and lowered ride height. StreetGRIP suspension is the perfect solution for restored cars and restomods. StreetGRIP is a complete, easy-to-install solution that includes everything that you need. Your tri-five will ride and handle like a modern car!

-Vehicle-specific RideTech HQ series shocks offer rebound adjustment and provide the ultimate in ride quality and handling
-Rear shock relocation brackets
-Composite leaf springs offer linear spring rate and save 70lbs of unsprung weight!
-Vehicle-specific dual-rate front coilsprings offer the best of both worlds…
ride quality AND performance handling
-Delrin control arm and leaf spring bushings eliminate unwanted movement and stiction
-Tall ball joints dramatically improve OEM camber curve to give your car a much more stable feel through the corners
-Lower ball joints
-Larger front sway bar minimizes unwanted body roll through the corners
-Delrin swaybar bushings eliminate unwanted movement and stiction in the sway bar to improve ride quality and handling performance

*Dual Rate front Coilsprings
*Composite Leaf Springs
*HQ Series Adjustable Monotube Shock Absorbers
*Heavy Duty front Swaybar
*Delrin Control Arm Bushings
*Tall upper ball joints
*lower ball joints
*Delrin leaf spring bushings
*rear shackles
*rear shock relocation brackets

NOTE: This kit may work with wagons that have aftermarket fuel tanks. If your wagon has a stock fuel tank > see COIL011.

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