Chevrolet C10 1963-1972 RideTech StreetGrip


Chevrolet C10 1963-1972 RideTech StreetGrip


A StreetGRIP Suspension System will upgrade the ride and handling of your 1963-1972 Chevrolet C10 pickup while also improving the stance with a lowered ride height. RideTech has worked tirelessly to develop C10-specific dual rate coilsprings and monotube shock absorbers. Thousands of test miles on the street as well as on our exclusive test track have resulted in components that are perfectly matched to the C10 platform. To get your truck low, the C10 StreetGRIP kit includes a Boxed, bolt-in C-Notch kit along with dropped spindles and a full length panhard bar with relocation bracket.

-INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Delrin Bushings for your OEM control arms to eliminate metal-to-metal OEM bushings or worn OEM rubber bushings to provide years of quiet fricticton-free service
-INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Boxed Bolt-In C-Notch that can be installed INSIDE the framerail without bed removal or modification
-Full-length Panhard bar with relocated mount to correct the position of the Panhard bar at your new lowered ride height
-INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Dual-Rate Coil springs that provide both a superior ride quality AND handling while retaining OEM hauling capacity
-RideTech HQ Series Adjustable Shocks with new mounts to provide the finest in ride quality and handling in the world… AND a 1,000,001-mile shock warranty!
-2.5″ Drop Spindles included
-1.5″ Front Swaybar with Delrin Bushings provides superior handling AND superior ride quality
-Heavy Duty trailing arm blocks, U-bolts, and hardware to replace your worn OEM pieces
-Durable, attractive powdercoating… no rusted parts on your nice truck!

*Front Coil Springs
*Front Swaybar
*Drop Spindles
*Delrin Control Arm Bushings
*Front and Rear HQ Series Shocks
*Rear Dual Rate Srp[ings
*C-Notch kit
*Full Length Adjustable Panhard Bar & Lowering Blocks

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1963-1970 big block, 1963-1970 small block, 1971-1972 big block, 1971-1972 small block

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