Heidts Chevrolet Truck 1947-1954 Mustang II IFS

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Heidts Chevrolet Truck 1947-1954 Mustang II IFS


1947-1954 Chevy Pick up complete Mustang II IFS kit. Included are a 3 piece weld in crossmember with upper spring hats already notched for your frame once you install the boxing plates, tubular upper and lower control arms, 11″ brakes with GM metric calipers, stock or 2″ drop spindles, manual rack and pinion, and springs. Everything you need to give you independent suspension.

*1947-1954 Chevy Pick-up Mustang II Crossmember with Shock hats
*Heidts tubular control arms with tabs for Heidts Mustang II IFS kits
*11″ Iron Redrilled Granada Rotor GM Calipers Chevy bolt pattern (Mustang II Spindles)
*Heidts 2″ dropped spindles (black) for Mustang II independent front suspensions
*Mustang II Manual Rack & Pinion 9/16 26 Spline Input Shaft
*Mustang II Conventional Springs 13″ length 300lb and shocks

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Weight 95 kg

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