Interior Cleaner


Interior Cleaner

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SiCare Interior Cleaner is a ready-to-use interior cleaner for easy cleaning.

Can be used on all textiles as well as plastic and vinyl. Simply spraying and wiping with a cloth.
Can be sprayed directly on the surface or applied with a cloth. Dry afterwards with a dry cloth.

For heavier stains on seats or seat / mat cleaner, we recommend using a soft brush in circular motions which work the soap on the surface and a foam effect is achieved which loosens the dirt which is thus lifted from the surface, then wiped with a cloth to remove soap residue and dirt.

Do not dry onto plastic and leather surfaces, so always wipe immediately with a cloth. Always do a test first in an inconspicuous place, however the product is extremely safe to use even on very delicate surfaces.

contents 500ml

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