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Bug Buster

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SiCare Bug Buster is a very special insect repellent with a brilliant effect that beats anything you’ve tried before!

Bug Buster is made to quickly and effectively dissolve and completely remove insects and insect residues on the paint without damaging your paint protection. Bug Buster is effective against insect residues but very gentle on your paint and it is biodegradable and is so mild that it does not have any hazard labeling requirements. But it is more effective than a traditional insect repellent.
Spray on, let it work and wash off. We guarantee it works like crazy!
SiCare Bug Buster also works against dirt and grime so it can be used all year round. The product is also a very effective dirt dissolver, so in the winter when the car is real dirty, you can spray Bug Buster on the sides and rear of the car in connection with the pre-wash. Spray on and wait 2-4 minutes and then rinse with water and here you will get a wild cleaning effect that a foam pre-wash can’t even match! This ensures that dirt is removed before you start hand washing and thereby reduces the possibility of scratching the paint during hand washing.

Spray Bug Buster on the surface and let it work for up to 30 seconds. If necessary, use a soft brush to loosen stubborn insect residues, rinse with water or dry with a cloth.

Never use the product on hot varnish or in direct sunlight and do not let the product dry on the surface.

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