Brilliant Cut polisher


Brilliant Cut polisher

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SiCare Brilliant Cut is the ultimate polishing compound that handles most tasks when washing scratches and other paint defects have to be removed.

Brilliant Cut is a completely new type of water-based polishing compound with the latest technology of advanced micro-abrasive grain. Just a few drops of Brilliant Cut on the polishing pad go a long way. The many different abrasive grains work optimally for longer than other traditional polishing compounds, this provides a highly effective removal of coarse washing scratches and paint defects in a short time.
But it doesn’t stop here!
Brilliant Cut has been developed to break down and grind less in step with the breakdown process, and this results in a nice final shine in one and the same work step. You will save a lot of time, as this is one product and one workflow for a large part of the tasks you encounter on a daily basis.
Since brilliant cut is water-based without oils or silicones, this is a product with almost no dust, which does not leave boring white marks on plastic strips and is 100% “body shop safe”.
Brilliant Cut can be used on dual action and rotary machines and on all paint types.

Removes sanding scratches from water sanding with grit 1500 even at low revs.

contents 250ml

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