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Quick Detailer

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SiCare Ceramic Quick Detailer can be used as a general Quick Detailer or as a “last touch”.

It is designed to clean and protect in a single step.
It is incredibly easy to work with and is non-greasy!
Safe to use on all hard exterior surfaces, paint, plastic, metal, chrome, aluminum and glass.

Quick Detailer must be used sparingly and not on very dirty surfaces, or on surfaces with gravel which can scratch. Quick Detailer does not replace washing a very dirty car. But only used for lighter tasks, such as if you’re going to meet and the car just needs a cuddle when you’ve arrived.

Ready to use and with a pleasant scent. Provides a clean, smooth and protected surface.

Instructions for use:
Spray a small amount on a cold, dry surface and wipe in straight lines with a high quality microfiber cloth, use a second cloth and buff to a high shine.

Note: Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight
Store in a dark and cool place and shake well before use.

contents 500ml

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