BMW 2+3+4-series 2012-2015 bolt-on Airlift Performance air suspension


BMW 2-3-4-series 2012-2015 bolt-on Airlift Performance air suspension


In the front, we designed a kit that features our double-bellow air springs and threaded-body monotube dampers. Meaning, you can not only adjust the height of your BMW by changing the air pressure, but by spinning the lower mount up and down. The dampers are completely customizable to your needs, with adjustable rebound and compression, allowing you to tailor ride and performance characteristics. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s all topped off with camber plates for geometrical adjustment, all working together to drop you 3.6” from stock height!
The rear kit utilizes a compact, bolt-in, double-bellow air spring, giving you the simplest installation with superior spring rates and load holding capabilities. That set-up is matched with threaded-body, monotube dampers, also featuring adjustable rebound and compression, giving you the ability to drop up to 5.1” from stock height!
Installation is simple with Air Lift Performance’s detailed instruction manuals; if you have the skill to wire a stereo or swap suspension components, you can have your car on the ground or tearing up your favorite road course in a matter of hours. Only basic hand tools are necessary to complete the job.

AWD and RWD models (except M3 models)

2014-2015 2-Series F22 Coupe*
2014-2015 2-Series F23 Convertible*
2012-2015 3-Series F30 Sedan*
2014-2015 3-Series F31 Wagon*
2014-2015 4-Series F32 Coupe*
2014-2015 4-Series F33 Convertible*
2014-2015 4-Series F36 Sedan*
*NOTE: Fits models with a 3-bolt front upper mount

Teilegutachten §19.3!

Modifications Req. Front: None
Modifications Req. Rear: None

Choose from one of our “Airlift type” Compressor Systems.

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Analog, 3P, 3H

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