Volkswagen 1974-1984 bolt-on Airlift Performance air suspension


Volkswagen 1974-1984 bolt-on Airlift Performance air suspension


Air Lift Performance has recognized the desire to slam this car and has the developed the best all-around suspension on the market. Now you can a have a lowered stance, killer handling, and amazing ride quality—all in one suspension package.
After all, what vehicle doesn’t look better with a 5-inch drop up front? To achieve this much drop in elevation, the engineers at Air Lift Performance chose a progressive-rate, sleeve-style air spring mounted atop a black, powder-coated threaded body strut that replaces the OEM setup. This combination not only allows you to adjust the height with the air spring, but also allows you to change the length of the strut by adjusting the lower mount position, so you can really fine-tune the ride height you desire. Featuring adjustable camber plates carved out of T6061 red anodized aluminum, and 30 different levels of damping, this suspension will give you enough adjustments to turn your MK1 into a corner carver—not just a hard parker.
We used the same style of progressive-rate springs in the rear kit, giving you that smooth ride for daily use, and 30 levels of damping adjustment when it’s time to hit the track. The sexy, black chromed steel shock bodies—coupled with the bright red anodized end caps and lock rings—add some nice flair to the undercarriage of your MK1. All of this adds up to 4.9 inchesof drop from stock height.
Detailed instructions will help you to have your VW slammed within a few short hours. If you have the ability to wire a stereo or swap out suspension parts, then you should have no problem installing this air suspension.

1980-1984 Volkswagen Cabriolet
1979-1992 Volkswagen Caddy (pickup) FRONT ONLY
1974-1984 Volkswagen Golf
1976-1984 Volkswagen GTI
1979-1984 Volkswagen Jetta
1974-1984 Volkswagen Rabbit
1974-1982 Volkswagen Scirocco

Teilegutachten §19.3!

Modifications Req. Front: Some frame modifications required for axle clearance
Modifications Req. Rear: NONE

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Analog, 3P, 3H

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