Honda CRX 1987-1991 bolt-on Airlift SLAM air suspension


Honda CRX 1987-1991 bolt-on Airlift SLAM air suspension


These air-over shock kits are designed to give you maximum performance with our 9-way adjustable damping system—previously only found on high-end coilovers— allowing you to tune the ride and handling to your liking.
With the performance side covered, let’s talk about style and versatility. Adjust your ride height with the flip of a switch (something that coilovers will never do). Wheel gap will never help you win a car show or get you noticed! Tuck those rims up where they’re supposed to be; this kit will set you on the ground, let you clear speed bumps, and get in and out of driveways without scraping your ride…not to mention the remarkably smooth ride that air provides.
Everything is included with the combo kits: front air struts, rear air springs, and tuned shocks, as well as an in-cockpit control system.

1987-1991 Honda CRX
1993-1997 Honda Del Sol

Modifications Req. Front: Trimming of upper control arms & upper mounts
Modifications Req. Rear: Trimming of upper mounts

Choose from one of our “Airlift type” Compressor Systems.

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Weight N/A
Brand JDM Car


AirLift Type

Analog, 3P, 3H

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