Iron Buster wheel cleaner


Iron Buster wheel cleaner

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SiCare Iron Buster is a very special pH neutral rim cleaner and fly rust remover which changes color to purple when it comes into contact with metal particles / brake dust.

Iron Buster can be used on rims as a daily wash and on all external surfaces to treat rust. Iron Buster is pH neutral and can be used safely on all normal surfaces. When you are in doubt as to whether Iron Buster will cause damage, always do a test in an inconspicuous place.

To clean rims:
Spray 5-10 times Iron Buster on your rim and let it sit and work for 2-5 minutes (but must never dry in). We recommend using a wet rim brush or brush for processing Iron Buster when you clean your rims, here it is activated unique property in the product.. foam!
Iron Buster contains a very special soap that is activated when there is water and processing with a rim brush present, the foam provides a more scratch-free cleaning of your expensive rims and ensures that the dirt you lift from the surface is trapped in the foam and does not settle back on the surface again after a short time as a traditional rim cleaner without soap will do.
There is also a saving in product consumption when the soap is activated as the product is expanded up to 50 times.

For the treatment of fly rust:
If the car is dirty, wash first for best results so that the product does not work on dirt, this reduces the effect.
Spray Iron Buster on the paintwork, either on the whole car or on the places with visible fly rust, we recommend the whole car, however, as beginning fly rust is not so clearly visible and should still be treated as early as possible. Here you can see a color reaction in the product when it works on the paint, so the product will reveal the places with fly rust by changing color to red, and you will then discover the extent and where the paint is typically plagued by fly rust.
The product must work for at least 5-7 minutes for optimal effect, but still with the caveat that it must not dry onto the varnish. Then rinse thoroughly with water.
Repeat the treatment if necessary on cars that are heavily affected by fly rust or in very heavy cases the product can be processed with a brush or clay bar.
Fly rust treatment with Iron Buster should be done at regular intervals to keep the paint even. With an interval of 1-3 months depending on the km’s driven.

Iron Buster does not damage coating, wax a.s.o.

NOTE: Never use on hot surfaces or in the sunlight and always allow the wheels to cool down before use.

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